Ask Dr. Warren: How do Crooked Teeth cause Periodontal Disease?

Thanks for the question! Here are the two ways crooked teeth may give way to periodontal (gum disease).

• Misaligned teeth are harder to clean
When plaque is allowed to build up in areas that trap food residue, it causes bacteria to multiply in these neglected areas and heightens the risk of developing cavities and bad breath. Plaque deposits can infect the gums causing them to become swollen, red and bleed easily. If left untreated, gum inflammation can become worse, leading to soft tissue damage, receding gums, the formation of pockets between teeth and gums, bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

• Misaligned teeth cause wear and trauma
Dental misalignment can cause disproportionate pressure on certain teeth. This can often lead to premature deterioration of the affected teeth which compromises the integrity of the tooth structure and supporting bone and can even lead to tooth loss. For some, the unnatural stress and pressure on teeth and jaws can even cause symptoms such as facial pains and headaches.

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