Dear Dr. Warren,

When I came to your office in pain and discomfort I was ready to extract my problem tooth and live with just a hole in my smile but through your patience and gentle care my tooth was saved and my smile restored! I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided. You and your team are incredible and make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. Everyone at Impressions Dental is very friendly and welcoming and I can’t tell you how much it helps with a nervous patient like me. I highly recommend you and your team to anyone who needs dental care. Your professionalism and genuine concern for my well-being and dental health have been very much appreciated. I wish I could take you home with me as a dentist of your quality is indeed a rare find and a treasure. Perhaps I will have to travel back to Nassau for my annual check-ups! A great dentist is hard to find! Thank you for your awesome care. Take care and all the best to you and the rest of the team,

Susan Painter


5 star: Spectacular First Visit
"What a wonderful first visit I had at Impressions Dental. Dr. Warren and her team treated me like family. I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep in the dentist’s chair! I am so happy that I decided to visit and I am so extremely excited about my future visits. I can’t wait to see the end result of the work I plan to do " ~ Zelma Wilson


4 stars: Kudos to Impressions Dental Team
"My experiences thus far with Impressions Dental have been quite enjoyable. The folks at this establishment are true professionals. Kudos goes out to Dr. Warren and her fine, professional staff. Keep up the good work guys!!!" ~ Sheldon J.


5 stars: Looking for Great Service?
"This is a five star Dentist Office, where as soon as you enter, the ambiance is great! The staff is expectional and the service is immaculate." ~ Cynthia Armbrister


5 Stars: The Best Under the Sun
"There are no words that can explain the experience you receive once you enter the doors of Impressions Dental... but keep in mind, the first IMPRESSION, is a lasting one." ~ Shirlene Pierre


5 Stars
"Our family of four has received nothing but excellent service from Impressions Dental. Our experience includes everything from simple cleanings to root canals and bridges. The team delivers current technology with care in a comfortable setting." ~ Julia Lee


Hi Dr. Warren,

Just wanted to congratulate you on the very informative website with patient login! I am truly impressed and think you will continue to be successful in your dentistry. It is always a pleasure for my whole family to be treated by your team and I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend your services.



4 Stars: The Best in The Bahamas
"My visits are always pleasant, from the front desk to my wonderful Doctor, who is gentle, accommodating and she makes you feel so very comfortable." ~ Yvonne Williams


5 stars: GREAT!
"My experience with Impressions Dental, Dr. Warren and her staff has been great. I recommend Dr. Warren and her staff to anyone looking for professional dental work and a painless experience." ~ Larry Dougan


5 stars: GREAT!
"Usually nobody likes going to the dentist and I am no different, in fact I am probably one of the worse. The first time I visited Impressions, I had to have a crown replaced. I have never been so relaxed and reassured in a dentist chair, from the comforting attitude of the staff to the professional treatment, I didn't feel a thing and was amazed when it was all over! The private television in my cubical and the personal choice of music in my headphones definitely made a difference as well. I would recommend them to anyone, especially people with 'dentist phobia' like me!" ~ Shelley Hardman


5 Stars: Bravo!
"Excellent friendly yet professional service. Thank You!" ~ Claire Aubague


"After discussing my dental issues with a relative of mine, I was referred to Impressions Dental.

My primary reason for the visit was to address significant teeth crowding which affected the way that I smiled and to determine if I was a suitable candidate for the Invisalign program, to which Dr. Warren specializes.

Having had a thorough examination of my gums and teeth and being told that I was a perfect candidate for the program, I immediately thought that all I needed to do was pay for the aligners and I'd be on my way to beautiful teeth, and smile. But was I in for a surprise. Dr. Warren advised that beautiful teeth began with healthy gums. I was further advised that an evaluation would be done of my examination and that I'd be informed in writing of a treatment plan necessary to attain the beautiful teeth and smile I wanted to achieve.

As promised, I received and accepted the evaluation plan and decided to proceed forward with it. Having completed 70% of the Invisalign program, my gums are healthy, they bleed no more. The spacing between my teeth has been perfected. I no longer hide my smile, as I was told I did. When I smile now, I am no longer ashamed. My smile tells me that I'm more beautiful than before and I am proud to show ALL of my teeth.

Because of Dr. Warren's in-depth knowledge of the Invisalign program, her professional conduct with her patients, the state of the art modern facility that she has and more importantly, the fine group of people, her staff, that she has working for her, I recommend her practice to anyone seeking advice and or solutions to the aforementioned issues that I had.

Dr. Warren, thank you for all the services rendered to me. You have made me a happy, happy woman. As I lay in that dental chair several months ago, I pondered why you chose the name Impressions Dental for your practice. I now know, because I am truly impressed with everything there!" ~ Iris Joan Wallace

"About twenty years ago the lord sent an angel into my life and her name is Dr. Annette Warren. She has a winning heart to comfort the young and especially the 'not so young'. I found the customer service at Impressions Dental Center to be very professional. You are called by the receptionist with a reminder of your appointment and you are greeted with a warm smile upon arrival at the office. What I love most about Impressions Dental Center is that there is never a long wait before going into the examination room. In the examination room her assistant makes you comfortable by giving you a warm blanket and allowing you to have the privilege of watching television. When she comes into the room there goes that petite figure, smile that lights up the room and a face that relaxes you even more. She gently opens your mouth and you feel her soothing, soft fingers gliding throughout the course or your visit while speaking to you as she moves along as a mother to her child, understanding exactly what she is about to do. It amazes me how she sticks the gum with a syringe and you do not even feel it.

I highly recommend Dr. Warren and her staff at Impressions Dental Center to the world and suggest that if you try it you would like it and you would not regret doing business with them." ~ Margueritta Major

"I have traveled the globe and have lived on many continents. Dr. Warren stands out in my mind as most professional and provides superior service to those who I have become acquainted with through my travels." ~ Christian Rebondy

"My first visit to "Impressions" was memorable; this was the first time a dentist had ever taken my blood pressure! When Dr. Warren took mine she advised me to go and see my doctor because it was very high. I told her I never had a problem with my pressure and I was sure it was only because I was sitting in her chair, and I was deathly afraid. Needless to say when I went to my doctor the next morning my pressure was fine. Going to "Impressions" got easier each time I went, because I knew there would be no pain. She is so comforting and concerned. During my Invisalign visits the staff and I bonded like family. I was very pleased with the outcome of the work done on my teeth and now some 12 months later I'm still very pleased. I would recommend going to "Impressions" and Dr. Warren they treat you like family and take good care of all your needs." ~ Shirley Cartwright

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